1. 2014 Vegan Month of Food

    It returns, a month of blogging about vegan food (I’m joining about 400 people in this challenge). My theme will be to attempt to make some of the many recipes I’ve pinned to Pinterest but have not actually made (alas, there are many!).

    Hope you’ll enjoy the journey!


  2. Saddling Up to Save My Favorite Show

    I hope Henry is still checking Hector’s “mailbox” and responding accordingly.


  3. So, This is Jackfruit

    Been wanting to try jackfruit after seeing a ton of recipes last year on various vegan websites. It’s an Asian fruit that is suppose to be very versatile. This is a jackfruit “tuna” melt. Recipe is at the Keepin’ It Kind website. This was very easy to make ( I skipped the broiling part of the recipe and just assembled and fried up like a grilled cheese). Very yummy!


  4. Pinterest Project: Chipotle Mac & Cheese with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    My latest installment where I make a recipe I’ve pinned. This wasn’t hard to make but does require some pre-planning to soak the cashews or you can soak in some boiled water. If make again I think I will add less chipotle chilies or use different type. For the miso, the local YES had red or barley so I went with barley.

    You can find the recipe at the Post Punk Kitchen website.


  5. Return of Kim’s Pinterest Project: Electric Boogaloo

    Black and White Bean Soup with Sweet Potato

    My Pinterest project, where I actually make some of the many recipes I’ve pinned, returns with a yummy satisfying soup from PopSugar Fitness. It was really easy to make, the hardest part was buying sweet potatoes (the usually frustrating Columbia Heights Giant was completely out of them this past Sat afternoon so had to also hit my neighborhood Safeway).


  6. Comfort Food for a Cold Night

    For quick and yummy dinner I broke up some extra firm tofu in 3 tablespoons of oil in a large pan while some brown rice cooked in the micro. I added 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce and 3 bulbs of fresh chopped garlic and some onion (I had dried flakes). I let the garlic get fragrant and then I added broccoli and cauliflower (fresh pre-chopped). Cooked for 5 minutes with a lid to steam veggies. Then I added some splashes of cooking sherry. Cooked until veggies got soft and then added 2 tablespoons of peanut butter ( I like crunchy) and added Sriracha sauce (as much as you like it). Then I added rice and some tablespoons of water to help thin peanut butter. Once peanut butter is sauce-y dinner is ready!


  7. D.C. Veg Fest this Sat


    D.C. Veg Fest has been an annual event since 1997. I have never been as always had something else going on (and this year won’t be any different as I have other plans to go to an Oktoberfest, but I will be eating other yummy vegan food!). I would be interested in trying the foods but less interested in the politics.


  8. Sesame Tofu

    This was leftover from the other day from Mr. Chen’s in Woodley Park, D.C. Not healthy but ooh so good (although this time a little bland for some reason so I added some Sriracha sauce).

    Tangentially, learned some interesting facts about disposable wooden chopsticks at a fundraiser at the National Zoo for salamanders this past Friday. Apparently deforestation for the production of chopsticks affects amphibians (who knew?). The tip of my camping chopsticks (shown in photo) are wood but I’m going to try to make a point to tuck into my purse and use instead of asking for the wooden disposable ones (each stick breaks into 2 pieces and there is a carry pouch). You can learn more about Chopsticks for Salamanders here.


  9. Tuesday Tacos

    Whipped up some quick soft tacos with some leftover lentils and crushed pineapple. Added a can of black beans and some Safeway tomatillo salsa. Not awesome but not bad.


  10. Banh Mi Tofu Tacos

    The food truck scene in DC is pretty robust these days. These are from the Lemongrass Truck. You can get tacos, ban mi sandwiches or a salad. They always run out of tofu so you need to get out there early.