1. 2014VeganMofo: Garden Grinder

    Glen’s Garden Market is located in the former “secret” Safeway in Dupont Circle (block off of Connecticut Ave and bottom of an office building, you had to know was there). It was a tiny, crappy, over priced store. This new grocery is filled with regionally sourced stuff (mostly priced beyond my budget but it’s fun for a treat). Where they do shine is they have $4 regional drafts all day (what’s not to love there?). I love that this sandwich is called a grinder, reminds me of my home state of RI (and it’s pronounced grindah!). You can find the ingredients here.


  2. 2014VeganMofo: Blackened Tofu Sandwich

    This was supposed to be blackened tempeh sandwich but as alas my Sandinista Safeway didn’t have any (and haven’t for over a week, urgh!) so I went with tofu. I think this actually would have been better with tempeh. I made my own blackened seasoning mix  (salt free) and this sandwich recipe is from Connoisseurus Veg.


  3. 2014VeganMofo: Chickpea & Vegetable Curry with Quinoa

    I had some lovely vegan meals this past weekend and forgot to take photos for blogging (Doh!). This was tossed together with odds and ends I had in the fridge and pantry. Used red curry powder instead of paste and realized I had can of coconut creme instead of coconut milk too late (holy sugar, Batman! Should have left out the brown sugar). I had no chili powder so added separate spices. I think when reheat tonight will add some sriracha sauce to tone down sweetness. This was really easy to assemble and based on this recipe.


  4. 2014VeganMofo: Veggie Pizza

    Tried new pizza dough from Harris Teeter (meh, didn’t think as good as Safeway’s). Leftover tomato sauce, soy cheese, spinach and Yves pepperoni. I could eat pizza every day!


  5. 2014VeganMofo: Eggless Salad Sandwich

    Didn’t want to make faux chixen salad again (had to make something new for my viewing public!) so this is a take on egg salad. Smashed some drained tofu and added some vegan mayo, chopped celery, dijon mustard, sweet relish, lemon juice, dried onion, paprika, black pepper and some tarragon. Still seems a little bland (at least for me) so might add some Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash to perk up.


  6. 2014VeganMofo: Kung Pao Tofu

    Sometimes you just need some not so healthy Chinese take-out. This is from a restaurant in Alexandria, VA called Tempt Asia Cafe (in the same parking lot as the Grand Mart. This place very reviews well for having authentic Szechuan cuisine and gets bus loads of Chinese tourist (I guess who have had their fill of weird American food). This was leftover from Sat night and it was VERY yummy!


  7. 2014Veganmofo: Vegan Bahn Mi Tacos


    There are a bunch of food trucks in DC that do tofu Bahn Mi sandwiches or tacos (got to hit early as they usually run out of tofu!). I sort of followed this recipe from One Green Planet (obviously I used tacos instead of a bun and I didn’t make the mushroom pate part, kept it simple). These were very easy to make and tasty.


  8. 2014Veganmofo: Tucson Tempeh Pasta


    This is Thug Kitchen’s answer to “Hamburger Helper”.  Very tasty and not too hard to assemble (lots of ingredients and a fair amount of chopping). Makes a ton!  I boiled my tempeh in some veggie broth for 15 min to remove bitterness (you can also just steam).


  9. 2014Veganmofo: Chix-fu Salad for Lunch


    I’ve been making this tofu chicken-like salad recipe for lunch lately. It’s based from a recipe on the Fat Free Vegan blog. I mixed a teaspoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and then added half a teaspoon of Bell’s poultry seasoning (which I believe you can only get in New England, it’s made in MA. It’s awesome!). I sliced a drained block of tofu in half and then into strips. Poured marinade over and baked at 350 for 30 min (flipped over at 15 min). Let tofu cool and cut into cubes. In bowl added tofu with a hefty tablespoon of the Veganaise and some chopped green onion (alas my stupid Soviet Safeway didn’t have a single piece of celery so didn’t add). But I did have some Anaheim green pepper for some zip. I serve on toasted sandwich slims. Easy to make (can adapt to your taste) and bring for about 4 days worth of lunches.


  10. 2014Veganmofo: Go Nuts for Donuts


    My usual breakfast/brunch options on weekends are either pancakes, waffles or tofu scramble. Alas, yesterday I was out of key ingredients (tofu, syrup) so I decided to bust out my never been used donut pan (I did have flour and apple sauce!). I sort of used this recipe (I didn’t make my own apple sauce, I used veggie oil, white flour and almond milk).  I also am not a big fan of icing so I used 1/2 TB of confectioners sugar and some water to make some sort of glaze (the amt listed for the recipe sounded Krispy Kreme nasty!). This weren’t awful but I wasn’t happy with the consistency (I realize not fried but baked but these were too moist). Maybe better second day (or need less almond milk). Oh well, first time (got more pinned donut recipes so will have to try again).